Sekvens #1-2

The first two parts of the public work for the parking garage at Högsbo specialist hospital are now finished the lights have been turned on.
Commissioned by Västra Götaland Region/Västfastigheter
Art project manager: Brita Bahlenberg
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Ongoing installation of Morfogenes (Morphogenesis) at Nyköpings lasarett
Quadtree pixel mosaic with matt clinker and iridescent glas parts at the entrance of Nyköpings hospital.

Commissioned by Region Sörmland

Ongoing installation of -IMPULS-

Installation of the commissioned public work for Regionsfastigheter/Region Skåne for the service building at Malmös new hospital campus.
The interactive light artwork in the staircase of the service building is based on punched cards as a starting point of automation and programming. The LEDs will interact with the pneumatic tube system and indicate when samples are sent in between the hospital buildings and the laboratory in the service building.

Produced, installed and programmed with help of Kreativ Teknik.


Commissioned public artwork for Regionsfastigheter/Region Skåne for the service building at Malmös new hospital campus.
A light artwork at the facade of the service building with quotes by Ada Lovelace translated to punched tape that is cut out of acrylic glas and lit by LED. The work will be interacting with automated trucks delivering materials to and from the hospital buildings to the service building threw a underground culvert system.

Produced, installed and programmed with help of Kreativ Teknik.

Installation of Sekvens #1, Gothenburg

Installation of Sekvens #1, commissioned by Region Västergötaland/Regionsfastigheter.
Light installation with colored glass and led light in the gabion wall of the new parking house of Högsbo new hospital in Gothenburg.

Produced with the help of  Steelrod Ab


Exhibition with Kristina Stark

Grafiska Sällskapet
26. feb – 16. mars 2022
Vernissage 26.februari kl 12-16
Inauguration kl 13

Hornsgatan 6, 118 20 Stockholm
Öppettider: tis-tor 12-18 fre-sön 12-16

Nobel Week Lights

The site specific video projection ? will light up the facade of Stockholm City museum, as part of the light festival Nobel Week Lights during the Nobel Week 4 – 12 december 2021 in Stockholm.

In her work ? (2021) artist Eva Beierheimer has advantage of the simplicity of asking. The curiosity of a specific question or thought is oftentimes the beginning of new discoveries. Science and research are usually built upon a question about something previously unexplored. The will to learn and understand comes from: Why? How? Where? When? Who? What? These questions form and create a process of learning, a way to counteract ignorance and misunderstanding, and to retrieve new knowledge. The question mark can also be seen as a symbol of a condition of, for example, confusion, surprise, dispute or the lack of answers.
The work ? is a projection of linked question marks. Together, these signs form visual overlays of organic, swarm-like shapes, where the question mark itself eventually disappears into its own geometry and abstraction.
Supported by Stockholm Konst