2016_Der Bau#3/square one

Der Bau #3/square one

Eksjö museum, Sweden, 2016
BESK – Beierheimer Eva/Stark Kristina

The installation Der Bau #3/square one is developed from the art space floor’s grid pattern and refers to 3D renderings and video games. Pedestals from previous exhibitions are painted in the same colour as the floor and form a skyline of boxes which are used as collaborative starting points of intervention. Root-like shapes (Kristina Stark) evolve from question mark patterns (Eva Beierheimer) on the boxes.

Der Bau is an ongoing project by Eva Beierheimer and Kristina Stark. “Der Bau” (The Burrow), is an unfinished short story by Franz Kafka. It describes the never-ending struggle of an entity to dig the perfect burrow. While digging the burrow, the concept of “perfection” keeps shifting, which results in the continuous alteration of the burrow by the protagonist. In Kafka’s short story the burrower is never satisfied with the result and continues to dig incessantly. The notion of what can be defined as “perfect” as well as defining the moment when something is finished refers to the artistic process.