Service building, Malmö New Hospital, part 1 staircase

Starting point for my works are the special functions of the service building as a hub for logistics and supply to the whole hospital area. The building is connected to the other hospital buildings through underground corridors, invisible to visitors, providing it with everything needed on a daily basis, for example laboratory samples sent via the pneumatic tube system and waste, laundry and food transported on automated trucks. Many things are automated.

The work Impuls in the staircase of the building is based on the origin of automated and digital technology: punch cards and their early function in automation and as computer programs. Punched cards have several punched or perforated holes to represent data by presence or absence of holes at predefined positions (in reference to 1 and 0 in the digital world).
The individual parts of my sculptures are designed as a punched card put together in blocks. The holes are cut out in acrylic glass and illuminated by LED strips. The LEDs are connected to sensors linked to pneumatic tubes transporting samples from the hospital to the laboratory in the service building. When the sensor is activated, a slow pulse of light is sent through the sculptures. The otherwise invisible movement in the circulation of the building with the entire area is made visible in the staircase.

Commissioned by Regionsfastigheter/Region Skåne
Art project manager/Konstprojektledare: Nilsmagnus Sköld


making of:
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