Nyköping Hospital, 2022
Mosaic wall 40m x 2.4m
Materials: glazed porcelain stoneware, iridescent glass mosaic and fluorescent glass mosaic

The mosaic pieces have four different sizes: 20×20,10x10cm, 5x5cm, 2,5×2,5cm. This creates a so-called ”quadtree” structure. A quadtree is a structure where each part is divided into exactly four parts with the same shape. The different sizes of the mosaic parts can be seen as a process where they get an improved / increased resolution and more level of detail. An image that gradually builds up and becomes sharper during processes. With new technology, pixels on an image become smaller and smaller, which makes the image increasingly sharper. This can be related to progress in new technology making more and more details visible and increases knowledge about how the body and diseases work. The quadtree structure with its size division can also be a reference to cell division, a process that originates in every living organism.
Morphogenesis (from the Greek morphê form and genesis creation), literally ”the beginning of form” is the biological process that gets one organism to develop its shape.