2016_skissuppdrag karolinska huddinge

Etyd (sketch)

Sketch for a public sculpture in a hospital courtyard, Karolinska Huddinge 2016
Skissuppdrag, Stockholm Konst

Material: hardened aluminum
Hight: 11m

The sculpture is associated with the shape of a house of cards.
It is based on a reference to the geometric grid structure of the surrounding architecture, which is based on repeating rectangular shapes.
The construction tries to break the strict horizontal and vertical lines by creating diagonals and also contrasts with the symmetry of the surrounding architecture.

The patterns of the “cards” formed by the superimposition of question marks and exclamation points and constructed like the backsides of cards.
The symbols are superimposed, twisted and linked to the visual patterns and remind of meander-ornaments. The individual characters can often no longer be identified.

Question and answer form a pair of concepts that can be associated with the medication that empirical science.
By putting together question marks and exclamation marks shapes reminiscent of the rod of Asclepius, a symbol for medicine. It consists of a rod entwined by a snake.

The colour scheme with the lighter tones on top and the darker further down, simulates the sun light, even if the sun is not shining. The orange colors remind of sunrise and are contrasting with the architecture and nature around.