2022_Alas, alas, the mirror’s retrospection

Ack, ack, spegelns retrospektion
Sergels Torg, Stockholm
Nobel Week lights, 2022

Interactive installation commissioned for the light art festival Nobel Week Lights and the Nobel Price Museum in Stockholm.
In collaboration with påsergelstorg
The installation was placed at Sergels Torg, one of the main squares in Stockholm.

My idea for Nobel Week Lights was to create an interactive installation where visitors are involved in creating the expression. This was made threw a feedback which occurs through the connection of a camera and a LED video screen. Everything that exists and that moves in the installation is captured by the camera and shown in real time on the screen, where it is picked up by the camera again and so on. This generates a (theoretically) infinite duplication and incorporates the visitors into the space-time loop.

Feedback arises through cause and effect, that it resumes something that is in the field of view and then reproduces and continues it, can be seen as a reference to research where many discoveries take place after observation of a condition. Feedbacks can refer to a number research areas that can relate to the Nobel Prize, for example, biology, physics and economics. It is used for research and also practically, for example in mathematics, fractals, cybernetics and e.g. a concept that is currently very relevant: climate change feedback.
Visually, the thoughts are also brought to science fiction and wormholes. In art and culture, the feedback effect is best known in music. Visual artists have also worked with it, such as one of the first media artist Nam June Paik who used the visual feedback effect between the first digital camcorders and television sets in his works.
The camera was programmed to move from one side to the otherf and zoom slowly. By that different perspectives are created.

This title is inspired by the first sentence from Alfred Nobel’s poem Alas [- a fragment].