_2022 Public work at Södermals School in Sundsvall,

Draken, ormen och bläckfisken Rose upptäcker kristallens regnbågsland i skuggan av oceanens neonljus.
(The dragon, the snake and the octopus Rose discover the rainbow land of the crystal in the shadow of the neon lights of the ocean.)

Public work at Södermalms School in Sundsvall, 2022
Commissioned by Sundsvall Kommun

The main part of the works at Södermalms School in Sundsvall is in the dining room and also spreads out in several other places in the building, e.g. the entrance, stairways and the corridors.  Abstract motifs were created to that promote imagination. Seeing recognizable objects or patterns in otherwise random or unrelated objects is called pareidolia. It is a term for the human tendency to seek patterns in a random formation.
The mosaic is created from matte clinker and reflective glass mosaic parts in different sizes, which creates a so-called ”quadtree” structure, where each part is divided into exactly four parts with the same shape and can be seen as a reference to a pixel-image getting sharper over time.

The schools students were asked to contribute with ideas for the title of the work and name things they think of when they look at it. These terms where put together to a sentence that formulates the title.

Thanks to CESI I Colori och Svenska Kakel!