The first two parts of the public work for the parking garage at Högsbo specialist hospital.
Commissioned by Västra Götaland Region/Västfastigheter
Art project manager/Konstprojektledare: Brita Bahlenberg

Starting point of the work is the visualizations used to show the structures of DNA, the programmed information that all life carries within it, and merge it with the building elements of the architecture into a site-specific work.

Sekvens #1 Gabion wall
Pieces of glass in different colors are embedded into the gabion wall in the form of a double-helix spiral with a color shift from nature (green and blue) to architecture (red-orange). During the darker hours the DNA spiral is illuminated.
The transparent material as well as the light, in contrast to the stone wall, suggests an look into the material, reminiscent of X-rays, MRI, etc. that are used in healthcare to see inside the body.

Sekvens #2 – Staircase
DNA sequences in form of rectangular shapes in different colors and opacity are printed on the glass of the main and the small stairwell. The size and form of the rectangular shapes are created in the dimensions of the bricks of the outer walls of the stairwell.