Service building, Malmö New Hospital, part 2 facade

Starting point for my works are the special functions of the service building as a hub for logistics and supply to the whole hospital area. The building is connected to the other hospital buildings through underground corridors, invisible to visitors, providing it with everything needed on a daily basis, for example laboratory samples sent via the pneumatic tube system and waste, laundry and food transported on automated trucks. Many things are automated.

The ramp for the driverless trucks (AGV) which bring different materials in underground corridors in all hospital areas is in visual contact with the main entrance of the building and can also be seen through the glass facade. Pattern-cut acrylic glass plates with LED lights are placed along the facade. The pattern is based on a perforated punch tape. Punch tapes were used in the 20th century in tele-communications and input to computers of the 1950s and 1960s and later as a storage medium for mini-computers.
The text translated into the hole pattern is based on quotations from Ada Lovelace from her addition to Charles Bagge‘s text on the “Analytical Engine”. These quotes are regarded as an indication that she was the first person who understood the full potential of a computer and programming.
Motion sensors are installed in the drive-through ramp, which react to the passage of the driverless AGV trucks in both directions. The sensors give a signal to the LEDs and trigger a slow colour change along the facade and by that become a visualization of the automated conveyances inside the building. The speed and direction of the colour change is adjusted to the passing automated transport trucks.

Commissioned by Regionsfastigheter/Region Skåne
Art project manager/Konstprojektledare: Nilsmagnus Sköld

testdrive AGV-trucks

making of:
Thanks Kreativ Teknik!