Sergels Torg, Stockholm
Nobel Week lights, 2022

Programming of the light pulp installation at Sergels Torg for the light art festival Nobel Week Lights and the Nobel Price Museum in Stockholm.
With support of påsergelstorg

Starting point of the work dot-dot-dot are 3 dots moving around in different patterns.
3 dots are usually called suspension points, exclusion sign, ellipsis or informally as dot-dot-dot. Depending on the context and placement of a sentence, ellipses may indicate an unfinished thought, an uncertain continuation, a small pause, an echoing voice.The three dots are also visible in several communication apps where 3 animated dots are sometimes used as a symbol for the other person to write a message.
When you google several words, you usually get short sentences with (…) in the results list. Even when reading newspapers and various texts where quotations occur, they are sometimes abbreviated with (…) to what the author sees as most essential. Longer content no longer works for many in their everyday life. We have become more adapted to just reading short texts or often just scrolling through headlines.
This leads my thoughts to scientists and writers who try to fill the (…) gaps with information.