Site specific video installation on the facade of Stockholm City museum.
As part of the light festival Nobel Week Lights during the Nobel Week 4 – 12 December 2021 in Stockholm.

10 min loop

In her work ? (2021) artist Eva Beierheimer has advantage of the simplicity of asking. The curiosity of a specific question or thought is oftentimes the beginning of new discoveries. Science and research are usually built upon a question about something previously unexplored. The will to learn and understand comes from: Why? How? Where? When? Who? What? These questions form and create a process of learning, a way to counteract ignorance and misunderstanding, and to retrieve new knowledge. The question mark can also be seen as a symbol of a condition of, for example, confusion, surprise, dispute or the lack of answers.
The work ? is a projection of linked question marks. Together, these signs form visual overlays of organic, swarm-like shapes, where the question mark itself eventually disappears into its own geometry and abstraction.
Supported by Stockholm Konst